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Our Special Tourist Guru 'Joky True' - Guides you to Information Direct & True!      'Joky' means Jockey in Indonesian, We No Jokey you!

The island of Bali has long been associated with visions from the classic movie 'Bali High'. It's fantastic scenic visions are now much more accessible to the visitor than ever before! Why? Because Bali now has many professional activity operators; For example Sport Fishing and Snorkel Charter boats. Bali and Lombok are two of the most exotic & hospitable spots in the world. We now critique some of Lombok's BEST affortable Lombok Boutique Hotels and Gili Resorts. We are partial to 'Secret Island Resort' on Gili Gede South West Lombok.

We also provide direct links to Lombok Gili Resorts, Sport Fishing and Snorkeling Trips. Check out SNORKEL MANIA in Lombok's pristine 12 unspoiled Gili Islands! Please be informed that many Bali fishing boats cruise 1 or 2 hours just to fish the prestine south west coast of Lombok known as Banko Banko. So if you really want to go where the fish are biting, check out the Sport Fishing Link below. Lombok is really good for its fantastic beaches and Sea life. You can catch a airplane for about $35, or take the air condition slow ferry to Lembar from Padang Bai, Bali for about $4, usually takes about 4.5 hours, but then is about 50 minutes by local car to Secret Island Resort, Gili Gede, Kuta or Singgigi.

Best Lombok Sport Fishing Trips

Visit Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores and Komodo ('Komodo dragon Island Park' the largest monitor lizards on Earth). There remote beaches and small coastal villages have amazing Snorkeling & Dive locations with thriving coral reefs.

On Bali, just enjoy the excellent Diving & Beaches that make up Bali's eastern region, like the serene Tulamben Dive Resort. Bali's scenic natural beauty is supreme here. Volcano ‘Gunung Agung’ with its rainforests, and nearby coral laden beaches create a magical and surreal landscape for those who have just a few days to explore its treasures.

Best snorkell fishing trip

Best Bali Fishing boat               Best Lombok Sport Fishing boat

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Secret Island Resort, Gili Gede, SW. Lombok

Lombok's SW. coast has 13 unspoiled secluded and protected islands where water sports are a pure pleasure. From Secret Island Resort you can catch fish, snorkel, kayak and find lots of shells. You can also take a small speed boat to Surf Deserts Point. Group kayak, snorkel & scuba dive where 'Life is Alive' , the fish bite and beauty prevails. There are calm protected moorings for cruising yachts including slips. Some say 'All the good things in life are available at Secret Island Resort, including a small Yacht harbor that is developing fast. And now there are two 'Bungalows Over the Reef' for rent at reasonable prices.

'Let the Beauty Soothe your Soul' We say please give us a look before going back to those other not so secret spots. More >>


Gili island bungalows over the reef

lombok yacht harbor

Tauch Terminal Dive Resort, East Bali

At Tulembin Dive Resort give our guests the best for their Dollar, we offer attractive diving and accommodation packages. In addition, we offer daily speed boat diving trips and also dive resort packages combined with liveaboard dive safaris on a luxurious Power or Tall Ship liveaboard. Below you will find the prices for all inclusive packages (accommodation & dives), resort dive packages, daytrips and equipment rental. To find out more about our Tulamben Dive Resort & LiveAboard programme, please contact us for details. A great location for Diving and friendly service. More >>


bali diving beach shack

Tauch Terminal Dive Resort

Bali & Lombok Fishing Boat -

Choice of Two Sport Fishing Snorkeling boats, each with Trollling & Bottom fishing gear, plus GPS. Low charter rates to start a excellent fishing experience in Bali; departing from Pandang Bai N.E Bali. Or our special sport fishing boat located in Lombok near Banko Banko's famous fising grounds called the 'Scorpio', she is a foam filled  unsinkable professional fishing vessel with great equipment.  Call +6281803762001 and See More Info

Both boats are licensed and have all safety equipment required. Both have friendly and helpful crews to make your vacation fishing time the best there is. Or More >>

Lombok fishing Transport fast boat

Fishing Boats

Very Tall ship - Ombak Putih & Ombak Biru

Embark on the traditional schooners Ombak Putih or Ombak Biru for a cruise from Bali to Komodo, dive all you can at the world's best sites, or explore remote cultures on an adventure sailing cruise to Indonesia's Eastern Islands. Take your time and feel nature's rhythm. Lazy in the shade of billowing sails on your way to another adventure. Touch one of the last frontiers of the underwater world. Get up close to smoldering volcanoes, tropical beaches, colorful coral reefs, and the famous Komodo dragon. More >>


Ombak Putih Safari Cruise

Bali Excellent Scuba Diving

Atlantis Dive Center , East Bali
Atlantis Bali is the one Dive Center in Bali who provides excellent safety diving. In all their Day trip, Courses, Internship and Safaris around Bali: They bring Oxygen & First Aid Kit. When you Dive with Atlantis, you will be with a small group of Scuba divers enjoying professional service from start to finish, with several boats to choose from
More Info

Scuba Dive Instruction
Bali Scuba Dive
Bali Special Bike Adventure -

Archipelgo Adventure , East Bali
Archipelago Adventure is specialized in 'discovery' excursions in Bali and on several other islands of the archipelago. Our team is composed of professionals who not only have a passion for riding all kinds of Bikes; Motor & pedal but just love the supreme country atmosphere of Bali. They take you where the beauty is the action.
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We represent many of Bali and Lombok unique Activities, Villas, Hotels and other excellent but sometimes unknown, attractions. We are a Brochure Distribution Company on Bali & Lombok and a direct link reservation booking service. We are not Travel Agents, but recognize the importance of Agents as well as the right of Visitors to be able to easily discern whom they are contacting. i.e. -Agents who make a commission recommending various Tours, Hotel & Activities OR The Operators who run them. At this Web site you will find the Operators and some of Agents that are recommended by the Operators. More >>

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